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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Re-opening for Worship


How do I sign up to attend church?

Each week, please call the office or email our office administrator (, Nick, before noon on Friday, so that he can add you to the list of attendees for that upcoming Sunday. This is important since we are currently limiting our attendance to 40 individuals in the sanctuary.


What if I forget to sign up, can I still attend?

If you come to the church without signing up, please speak to the usher that will be at the outside door. If we have less than 40 people signed up, you will be added to the list and you will be able to attend. If we have more than 40 people signed up, then you can wait to see if our maximum is reached that day, and if not, then you can attend. We really ask that you email the church though, since this will minimize disappointment and help the organizers.


What if I sign up but then find that I can’t attend?

Please let the office know as soon as possible. We will maintain a “waiting list” and will contact those on it. Once we find that we are reaching our capacity though, we will consider options for ensuring that everyone who wishes to attend worship can do so.


What time do I need to arrive at church?

We ask that you plan to arrive between 9:45 and 9:55 a.m., since it will take longer both to safely enter and exit the building.


What does minimal singing mean?

The studies on singing currently show concern for this being a higher risk activity. To start with, we are limiting the number of verses that will be played, and we will not be singing. We can hum along and follow the words on the screen. There will be a few designated singers wearing masks that will sit at the very front facing the altar, so that the words can be heard both in the building and in the broadcast. If you wish to be a “singer” please let the office know this when you sign up for Sunday’s service. We want to begin by being as safe as possible, so that everyone feels comfortable coming to the Lord’s House.


Will I have to wear a mask for the whole service?

Yes, we are asking everyone to wear a mask while inside the building. If you come without a mask, we do have a supply and one will be offered to you. If you are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, please let the office know this when signing up so that we can find a safer area for you to sit.


Is hand sanitizer available?

Yes, we have hand sanitizer stations set up in both the lower and upper narthexes.


How will I know where I can sit?

The two rows of pews that we are leaving empty between seated pews will be cordoned off, and ushers will guide you to your seat to ensure necessary distancing.


Will there be coffee after service?

Unfortunately, we will not be offering our usual coffee fellowship after service at this time. However, the fellowship team is always thinking of ways to provide a socially-distanced snack! Starting this Sunday as you are exiting, you will be invited to pick up a packaged treat from the table in the upper narthex to take home.


I don’t feel comfortable attending in person yet. Will the service continue to be broadcasted on Facebook and at

Yes, we will continue to broadcast each service, so that you can continue to worship from home.


Is communion being offered in our worship services?

Not at this time. However, we will continue to offer communion to our members by appointment with Pastor Christi. If you wish to commune, please contact him at


What about Sunday School and Bible classes? Are they starting to meet again too?

Organizers are planning to restart these activities online after Labour Day. Details will be coming shortly for these meetings.

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