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Help a Refugee Family that has Arrived in our Community

Pastor Luke has sponsored a family of Pakistani Christians. The father, Mareekh Gill, was employed as a driver for a relative of Pastor Luke.   They fled Pakistan about four years ago due to religious persecution.  They have no direct family connections in Canada.


The family includes Mareekh and his wife Shabnam.  Plus, they have four children, Waqas  (28 year old son), Zanobia ( 26 year old daughter), Nakash ( 25 year old son) and Tanzila (22 year old daughter). 


The family fled to Thailand, which is a very tough place to be a refugee.   Shabnam and Waqas were held in an International Detention Center for over three years.  The family was reunited briefly for their interview with Canadian Immigration, and then split up again.  Their interview was successful and they have passed the medical exam.  They have received the required immunizations in order to enter Canada.


The family has arrived in Canada! They are living in a temporary location until a suitable permanent place is found that can accommodate 6 adults that is reasonable and affordable.  If you have any information on a place to live, please contact Pastor Luke directly.

If you are looking to donate small or large items, please contact Pastor Luke and Kanwal Dean, as we are blessed with many items already from generous supporters.  


Contact information is:

Pastor Luke: or 416-454-2581

Kanwal Dean: or 647-339-0397








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