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  • Where is the Church located?
    Christ Our King Lutheran Church is located in Erin Mills, at 2150 Dundas Street West, Mississauga, ON. L5K 1R5.
  • What are your Service Times?
    Our Sunday Worship Service takes place 10:00 a.m, with communion the first and third weeks of the month. Sunday School and Bible Study classes are Sunday mornings at 9:00 am. Our Urdu language service takes place on the first and third Friday of each month at 7:00 pm.
  • What should I wear?
    We want you to be comfortable when you visit, so wear what you're comfortable wearing. When you're at any one of our services, you'll see a range of styles from jeans to suits, from casual to "Sunday best."
  • Where should I go?
    Our church has 5 levels: Basement; Narthex; Sanctuary; Classrooms and Choir Loft. When you enter the church, you are on the second level, the "Narthex". You will find the bathrooms, cloak room, church offices, and elevator that can take you to every floor of our building. The Sanctuary level (3rd floor) is where our Church services take place, as well as the library and coffee hour after each service. Our classrooms for Sunday School, confirmation class, bible studies and choir practice is on the 4th floor, and our choir loft is where the choir sings from on Sundays. The basment is where you will find the nursery-age sunday school and the kitchen.
  • What happens when I arrive?
    Once you arrive, you will be greeted at the entrance to the Sanctuary (up the stairs and to the right). Greeters will be readily available to help you or/and your family get settled in for a spirit-filled worship service. You will be given a bulletin, which outlines the order of service, announcements and information about events takning place at Chirst Our King. There is a guest book on the same level as the sanctuary where you can provide us with your contact information.
  • What happens during the church service?
    When you enter the church you may sit in any seat available. Our services contains the following: Announcements - At the beginning of most services, we take time to inform our attendees about upcoming opportunities for fellowship, discipleship and service. Worship - We invite you to worship with us and participate in the congregational singing and speaking. We project the Order of Service on the front wall for all to read and follow along, without flipping pages. If you prefer, you can follow the order of service in the hymnal, as outlined in the bulletin. Prayer - We share the congregation's joys and concerns and lift them to God in prayer. Offering - As our guest, you are welcome to but do not feel obligated to take part in the giving of offerings. These offerings go to support the running of our church, and to support mission projects within our congregation, the City and internationally. You can designate your offering to a particular mission, or our general collection. Pre-authorized givings is also available. If you are interested in this, please indicate on your offering envelope.
  • How long are the services?
    Between 60 and 90 minutes. Services with Communion or a special event are longer than those without. Typically, a regular service without Communion is an hour, and a regular service with Communion is an hour and fifteen minutes.
  • Do my children stay with me?
    Yes, children are welcome and encouraged to attend all our worship services. The noise they make will NOT upset our pastor or our members. If you do need to step out, the audio from the services can be heard outside of the sanctuary and you may use the library on the same level as a space to sit with, feed or comfort your child.
  • What kind of special services do you hold?
    We hold special services on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and New Years Day. We also have Lenten and Advent Mid-week services. All are welcome! Our Urdu members and friends meet twice a month on Friday evening for a worship service and a community meal.
  • Is there coffee?
    Yes! We consider fellowship an important part of our church and we host a coffee time after each service with coffee, tea, juice and light refreshments. Stay for something to drink and let us get to know each other!
  • Are you accessible for people who have difficulty with stairs or require an elevator?
    Yes. We have a ramp that one can take to enter the church and an elevator that provides access to all levels of the building. If you need access to elevator, please connect with one of the greeters, or any church attendee prior to the start of service and we will be sure to assist you.
  • Can I take Communion? What do I do?
    Holy Communion is celebrated the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. if you are interested in communing with us during the service, please connect with an elder, greeter or Pastor prior to the service. When it comes time for communion, an usher will go row by row, and direct you to line up. When you approach the alter, the Pastor will indicate to kneel, if you are able. The Pastor will place bread in your open palm and say a few words. In the Lutheran Church we drink real wine from a common cup (we sometimes call it “the chalice”), which is offered to you by the Pastor. Again, he says a few words, and you take a sip from the offered cup. It’s okay to touch, hold, or steady the cup. Or you can take a small disposable cup of wine, which is also offered as an alternative to the chalice. If you don’t want to take communion at all but would like a blessing, go up to the front with everyone else and just cross your arms over your chest and receive a blessing. You’re also perfectly welcome to remain in your seat during this part of the service. If you have mobility concerns and would like communion brought to you, please speak with an elder or greeter prior to the start of service.
  • How can I become a member?
    If you choose to join our Christ Our King family, we will do everything we possibly can to help your relationship with Christ and the church grow and mature. Here are a few ways you can join our Church family: Baptism - If you have never been baptized, this is where your membership begins. Baptism is God's means of receiving you into the family of faith, receiving His forgiveness and assurance of eternal life. Please speak with the Pastor how to arrange for baptism. Confirmation - After a period of instruction in the basics of the Christian faith you may be received into communicant membership by the rite of confirmation. For adults and older children we offer "The Deep End of Sunday School" several times a year. This is required for those who hold no church membership or come from a non-Lutheran congregation. Children in 7th and 8th grade prepare for the rite of confirmation by attending two years of weekly instruction. Profession of Faith - If you have held Lutheran Church membership in the past, but have been away from the church for a period of time, or are transferring from another Lutheran synod, you would be received by profession of faith. Transfer of Membership - If you currently hold church membership in a sister Lutheran Church - Canada congregation or a partner synod congregation, you may transfer your membership to Christ Our King by contacting your home congregation indicating your desire to transfer.
  • Do I have to give an offering?
    No. Offerings are voluntary, and considered an act of worship by those who give them. You are welcome to give one if you wish, but visitors should never feel obligated to give.
  • Do you have anything for people who are hearing impaired?
    Yes. Just ask one of the greeters and they can supply you with a receiver and headphones, Using this system, the sound from our audio system goes directly to your ears, and you have control over the volume. If you would like to receive a printed copy of the sermon please speak to one of the greeters.
  • Do I have to become a member?
    While we would certainly love you to become a member, there is no obligation. We have many ‘associate members’ within our congregation. They are people who don’t yet have or don’t desire official membership, but they like to attend.
  • Who can I contact if I would like more information?
    We would love to answer any questions that you may have about Christ Our King Lutheran Church. If you didn't find what you were looking for on our website, please email us at or or call the Church Office at 905-822-8931.

New to Christ Our King?

Welcome to Christ Our King Lutheran Church! We are an active and welcoming Christian community, part of Lutheran Church - Canada. Many questions get asked by visitors to our church, those new in town, and friends and neighbours of our members. Here's a list of questions that may help you get to know us better.

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