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Our Pastors

Pastor Basil Christi

Pastor Basil Christi (Vasilios Christoforidis) was a former spiritual skeptic who converted to Christianity in his early 20’s and embraced Lutheranism in particular. This path to Christ demonstrates the power of God’s love and forgiveness for believers and non-believers.

Pastor Christi's faith journey has taken him full circle in the course of his life:

"I was brought up, nominally, Greek Orthodox. My family and I were in church, at most, twice a year - the last ones in, first ones out! As a child, I simply didn't get to hear the Gospel. It was only later in life, when my wife, at that time my fiancé, became a Christian, that I started to consider the claims of 

Pastor Christi has had many unique opportunities to serve in the Lutheran community, acting as the Director of Christian Outreach (DCO) at The Church of Saint Mark- Lutheran, where he spearheaded outreach campaigns into the Mississauga community. He studied at Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary in St. Catharines and completed his vicarage at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Waterloo. His ministry took him across Canada to serve two communities in Alberta, Taber and Duchess.

Pastor Christi returned to his roots in Mississauga in 2016, with his wife, Rebecca and their two children, Evangelica (Angel) and Alexander. Pastor Christi leads Christ Our King Lutheran Church, with a mission to enhance our ministries in the Urdu community and supporting our congregation in our mission to grow in our faith and witness within our community.


​​Reverend James Luke

Rev. James Luke is the Lutheran Church - Canada Intercultural Minister for the Greater Toronto Area. He leads our Udru worship services and preaches in the Masih ki Awaz Radio Program.  As well, he serves Living Faith Lutheran Church in Orangeville. 


Pastor Luke and his wife Rehanna came to Canada in 1992, following a successful career of 27 years as an Aeronautical Engineer in the Pakistan Air Force.

Pastor Luke's lifelong passion has been to help the poor, which he did in Pakistan and has continued in Canada where he helps people in need and, in particular, providing assistance to newly arrived immigrants.

Pastor Luke can be heard on Sunday mornings from 8:00 - 9:00 am on AM770 when he preaches in the Masih ki Awaz (Voice of Christ) program.

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